Exhibition–Furnishing Utopia 3.0: Hands to Work
Materials–Steel and wood
Photo credit–
Jonathan Allen (silo)
Charlie Schuck (silo)
Christian Torres (exhibit)
The Short and Long Reach Candle Snuffers were designed for the Furnishing Utopia 3.0: Hands To Work exhibit which was sponsored by Design Within Reach with support from the Norwegian Consulate. In the introduction to the exhibit catalog designer and co-curator Christopher Specce writes, "Just as the earliest forms of brushes and brooms are predecessors of the vacuum cleaners of today, humanity has created and reimagined these types of utilitarian objects in order to provoke or adapt to changes in how we live, technological advances and broader cultural shifts." A celebration of the analog object within the domestic space, the Short and Long Reach Candle Snuffers are singular and efficient in their function–they safely and cleanly extinguish a candle's flame.