Manya Rubinstein, Publisher & Co-Editor
Jay Peter Salvas, Graphic Design
Photography–Matthew Williams
Despite the persistence of the Great Recession, vibrant artistic communities in smaller cities around the United States continued to thrive. Given their location outside the traditional New York—Los Angeles axis of cultural production, cities such as Providence, RI, Kansas City, MO, Baltimore, MD and Pittsburgh, PA (and many others) were teeming with rich examples of creative culture that were underexposed beyond their local context. It was our understanding that these creative ‘outposts’ were developing the foundations of a connected, hands-on creative future from which we could all learn and the shape of which we could just begin to glimpse. In the face of economic and environmental weirding, we felt essential that we record and validate the stories of those making and making things happen in these cities. From 2011 to 2014, Outpost Journal presented profiles of those on the creative forefront and examined the underlying sociological issues that lay the groundwork for pivotal cultural moments. Each 64-page edition presented an intimate, eye-popping journey through a distinct creative ecology forged at the intersection of the arts, design, community activism, urban development and social good.

Oyler co-founded and established Outpost Journal as a non-profit organization in 2010 with publisher Manya Rubinstein. Oyler served as the co-editor and creative director as well as a contributing writer. In addition to illuminating the hyper-local arts ecology via photography, design, and creative additions Outpost also worked with local artists, students, and/or small business owners to create a collaborative, temporary public installation in each city we featured. Outpost was made possible through widespread support from individuals, community organizations, and cultural institutions including the Warhol Museum, the Mattress Factory, the RISD Museum, The Studios Inc., and the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City. Our last issue, released Fall 2014, featured Providence, RI.

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